Digital Engagement


Make Change Stick.

We create memorable learning experiences by bringing them to life.

Our goal is to engage audiences, maximize ROI and have lasting impact. In fact, we try to captivate audiences in ways which some call contagious. Meaning learners are keen to share what they’ve learned (even how much they enjoyed it) with others.

After connecting with an organization to understand their needs, timelines and desired outcomes, we use a variety of mediums to ensure learning is engaging and has lasting impact. We want staff to enjoy their learning experiences and seek out our tools for support when they need it. This makes learning sustainable, reduces the cost of re-training, and boosts performance for the organization. We’d call that a win-win-win.

#ContagiousLX – We promise, it’s not gross.

  • FIlm & motion graphics
  • Game based learning
  • Interactive Stories
  • Self-Paced Learning