Our Strengths


We help organizations transform information into tangible results.

The Honeycomb Institute represents a hive of expert learning & knowledge management consultants who are dedicated to facilitating the integration of emerging technologies in the healthcare sector to improve learning, engagement and on-demand performance support.

Our goal is to leverage cutting edge technology, research and innovation to optimize the future of health care. We are at a pinnacle moment. Healthcare needs are rising, patient support is declining and time for learning & skill development is as finite as it’s ever been. Change is needed. Medical staff need timely, accurate, and up to date information and patients deserve the best care possible. That’s where The Honeycomb Institute comes in. We are driven by a deep desire to improve the current state and dramatically enhance the future of healthcare through better learning and performance support solutions.  

We believe in designing solutions that enhance human abilities and minimize disruption.

Ken Murray

Founder, Honeycömb Institute