Research & Development


Innovation is change that unlocks new value.

– Jamie Notter

We build on what we learn and feed the benefits back to our customers.

Better care stems from better learning, guidance, and support.  So we are constantly searching for new ways to improve all three. Our ultimate mission, is to advance human potential and amplify human abilities through better design.

Incubated Business Solutions:

The Honeycomb Institute represents a network of expert learning & knowledge management consultants who are dedicated to facilitating the integration of emerging technologies in the healthcare sector to improve learning and on-demand performance support.

Internal Product Solutions:

The Honeycomb Institute is currently developing its own proprietary solution to help address the specific and immediate needs of nurses and physicians in hospital settings. SAAIGE. An intelligent chatbot for physicians and nurses.

  • Determining training ROI
  • Evaluating leading-edge technology
  • Innovating industry best practices
  • Learning program evaluation
  • Learning technology
  • Process evaluation
  • Training evaluation